The Art of Bread Baking

In this blog, i like to share with you my knowledge about baking bread and of course all about the sourdough. It takes time, practice, patience, and passion. So if you feel dedicated enough to start a new chapter in your life let’s get started! But here’s a little warning: baking sourdough is addictive!

Since almost 4 years i am teaching in my French Pastry School how to bake traditional french bread at home. After each workshop i receive questions while my students bake, because each environment and flour is different. Can’t compare my schools’s or your friend’s kitchen to yours at home. I will guide you through all possible differences. The rest is about timing and adjusting temperature accordingly.

Baking will nurture your mind and body. It is also the perfect possibility to bring family and friends together. Unfortunately in our modern technology world, we have the pressure to have done everything immediately. But you will see in my blog, baking and all the ambiance around, the whole process is about using your hands, touch, smell and taste, using your senses. It is very relaxing!

Do you have questions? Please contact me here.

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