How To Store Your Sourdough Starter

To make it easy, i share with you two simple options:

Option 1.

Placing a starter in the fridge for around a week to reduce required maintenance and this is always a valid option. As i teach every weekend in my pastry school, i got the rhythm for Sunday "feeding". Sounds nice right? Became a lovely tradition. Feeding the starter and probably bake something yummy for Sunday afternoon.

Option 2.

What if we’re going to be gone longer than a week? Or two weeks? Or a month? I know, the time you are reading this post (2020) you aren't going anywhere, but i do share this second version as you can experience something new and interesting with your starter. I’ve experimented over the years with ways to store my sourdough starter and have found the following method to all be effective means for storage and quick revival.

The easiest way to dry your starter is to use a baker’s quarter sheet lined with a silicone liner (or parchment paper).

Pour a large dollop of your sourdough starter out onto the silicone liner or Silpat. Using a spatula spread your starter out into a thin layer. The thinner the better, this way it uniformly dries and begins to crack. Now place the quarter sheet uncovered on your kitchen counter.

Leave the quarter sheet untouched for 2-3 days until the starter begins to crack and lift up off the surface. It will visually change from a dark color (where it was wet) to a uniform, light color. Once it looks completely dry, crack the pieces with your hands and place in a sealed jar. In case you managed to dry a big quantity of starter, you can also crumble it to powder.

That way you save place.

There are several reasons for drying sourdough to a powder. Dehydrated sourdough makes a superb flavor addition to the outside of a loaf. When combined 50:50 with rice flour, it is adding extra texture and flavor to the outside crust.

How to make flavored sourdough starter powder?

You find more information here.

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