How To Make Flavored Sourdough Starter Powder?

There are several reasons for drying sourdough starter to a powder. Dehydrated sourdough makes a superb flavor addition to the outside of a loaf. When combined 50:50 with rice flour, it is adding extra texture and flavor to the outside crust.

Simply sprinkle a tablespoon of a spice or herb into the starter that is discarded before smearing to thinly onto a silicon mat or parchment paper. Dehydrate as above mentioned.

Remove the dry flakes from the paper and store in a jar till needed. These keep fresh for months.


Smear about 200 grams of sourdough over some parchment paper, dust with a tablespoon or paprika and let it dry. This is absolutely delicious even for omelets.


An interesting option is to add cacao powder. In the "advanced level" category you will find a recipe for CHOCOLATE STARTER.

If you don't have a chocolate starter, you can easily make a chocolate ferment by mixing 20 grams raw cacao powder (usually i use Valrhona) add 40 grams of whole wheat flour, 60 grams of your starter and 60 grams of water (ca. 30 Celsius). Mix well. Leave it somewhere warm for 24-48 hours. Once fermented ( fermentation starts after 24 hours), spread over some parchment paper. If you you like, sprinkle it with some cacao nibs. Dehydrate it completely.

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