How To Maintain And Refresh Your Sourdough Starter?

You succeeded till day 9 and finally you want to bake your first loaf. What next?

How do i bake with my sourdough starter? I prepared some important informations, i usually share with my students during my workshops.

1. Quantity. How much sourdough do i need for my bread?

If you have already a recipe chosen, check and add all the flour quantity. Let's take an example. For a cider bread you will need 225 grams whole wheat flour and 25 grams rye flour. In total: 250 grams of flour.

In winter i advice that the sourdough should be calculated 50% of the flour. Based on this example it would be 125 grams. In summer it can be less, like 30%.

But let us stay on the winter example. Back to the cider bread, your recipe would be following:

225 grams whole wheat flour

25 grams rye flour

and 125 grams of your sourdough starter.

Do not change the recipe and do not reduce the flour quantity by the sourdough quantity. The flour quantity in your recipe is simply the base calculator for your sourdough.

2. Feeding and refreshing. What and how to do?

Feed your starter always with the own weight.

Example: you have in the fridge 500 grams starter. Take it out of the fridge, let it rest ambient temperature for 2-3 hours. Feed it with the own weight. Meaning: add 500 grams flour and 500 grams water. Do not forget, water should be always ca. 30 Celsius. If you choose to continue with my recommendation of whole wheat and rye flour mix, its 250-250 grams. Mix all well!

Yes, it will be very quick a lot. You have several options, but for first maybe the two quickest.

• Sourdough starter is a great present.

Make your family and friends happy with a "small portion".

• Dry your starter! For more information click here.

3. My starter was in the fridge for 2-3 days. How do i bake with it?

If we continue on the calculation of the cider bread above, we will need 125 grams sourdough. Take out of the fridge only the half of what you need, the half of 125 grams. Let it rest for 2-3 hours. Feed it with the own weight (see Nr. 2). After 6-8 hours it will rise and ready to bake with it.

Now you are asking WHY ONLY THE HALF. Because you will feed it! The quantity will rise! If you have some sourdough left after baking, just add it to the sourdough starter in the fridge.

Do you have further questions? Please send me an e-mail or ask in the comment box below.

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