Chocolate Starter

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

For this chocolate starter the best to use is a white starter. If your starter is made on my recommendation in the "Sourdough Starter Recipe" do not worry. Simply refresh your starter 2-3 times instead of rye flour, only with bread flour - whole wheat flour.


50 grams "white" starter

70 grams bread flour - whole wheat flour

30 grams raw cacao powder (i recommend Valrhona)

100 grams water (ca. 30 Celsius)

12 grams raw cane sugar

Mix all well together and leave at ambient temperature ca. 8 hours to rise.

After that you have two options:

1. Ideally use immediately. Feed with whole wheat flour. After another 6-8 hours you can bake with it.

2. Refrigerate in a covered pot. Refresh twice a week and 6-8 hours before you make your levain.

I like to bake with chocolate starter! Can't wait to hear your opinion. Your questions or even your photos of your bread, you can send me per e-mail or in the comment box below.

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