Founder, Pastry Chef

I am 45 years old, mother

of two, Audrey and Henry. 

I am married to a French

gourmet, Bertrand Pierre,

who is my biggest supporter.


After working in the fashion industry for almost two decades, I decided to change directions and turned to my childhood passions

of teaching and French pastry. 

I grew my business through referrals by friends and customers.


Soon I realized that there was a

real interest in Budapest to

learn proper French techniques, therefore I established

L'École de Grande Pâtisserie

The French Pastry School was established in 2014 and is 

dedicated exclusively to teaching 

confectionery arts, pastry and traditional french bread making


I currently still teach in

my school. I started this blog

parallel, to share my passion

about french bread and baking sourdough. Hope

you will enjoy my site!

If you have any questions about

a recipe or a technique, please

send me a message on the

contact page or call me

Mon-Fri  10am-4pm + 


I look forward to hearing from you soon!